Michael Maxwell Full Stack Developer + Designer

Web Development

I’ve created and maintained websites built with Grails and Python as well as static HTML, CSS, and Javascript experiences. UX and how users interact with any experience (websites, apps, etc) are two things I'm very passionate about.

Design and Branding

I'm able to mock up web page layouts for new sites or take existing sites and make them mobile friendly. The project requirements can dictate my approach to the design. Graphic Design and branding is also within my skillset.

Selenium Automation

During my time at Nationwide Insurance I’ve created a number of Selenium scripts that automated the browser that either retrieved information from a rendered browser or tested a website before deployment.

RocketChat Automation

Using a combination of RocketChat, Python, HP Orchestration and REST calls, I’m able to provide tools to developers that initiate infrastructure events; freeing up time for other engineering tasks.


I'm currently looking to relocate and seeking employment opportunities in Phoenix Arizona.

About Me

I'm a developer and designer with 15 years of experience. I've been fortunate to be able to take on projects and advised to "figure it out". I like being challenged and I love learning new technology.